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This type of light panel is made up of a multi-line structure. It is equipped with two different electronic lights.

The first is called ON-OFF and allows each line or the entire panel to be switched on and off;
the second, called; SPOT LINE, adds to the previous functions the possibility of having a focus SPOT flash at the same time as one or more lines (for example NEW, PROMOTION, RECOMMENDED; etc.).

This product can be used to display different types of message (e.g. timetables, services, operating modes, etc.) or a list of indications within one topic (e.g. ice cream flavours, dishes of the day, services offered).

A vast range of models and customisations are also available for this product.

- 210.3 line 210mmx31mm (14-18-22-26-30 lines)
- 410.3 line 410mmx31mm (14-18-22-26 lines)
- 410.5 line 410mmx47mm (14-18-22 lines)

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