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An entire seasonís work is concentrated in a few hours of competition. Give to the pilot accurate, timely and understandable information can make a difference.

RACE LUX silver is a led pit board based on years of experience in top-flight competitions and studied specifically for car and bike races.

High technology, reliability, elevated visibility, ease of use and rapid data entry make RACE LUX silver an innovative, unbeatable and irreplaceable instrument for communication between team and driver.
Drivers have just a few instants to read the information from the pits when they are lying down in the cockpit of a car or crouched over the tank of a motorbike while he's racing down the straight at 80 m/sec.

The high output and luminosity of the LEDs and the new system “NO GLARE” make the message perfectly visible, even in critical conditions such as rain or sun backlight.
The front panels of different colors (blue, yellow, red, green and pearl gray) are used to recognize it immediately in the midst of many.
The upper space is suitable for entering the personalization of the race team and the vehicle to which it refers.

The RACE LUX silver led pit board fully exploits the functional characteristics of the human eye. In fact, while an image dissolves, a luminous signal remains imprinted on the retina for a few seconds and is transmitted to the brain, allowing the driver to memorise and elaborate the information even after he has passed the team’s location.

Remotely controlled by a PC from the workstation monitor and with dedicated software, one person can manage the information to be sent to the driver directly and rapidly, without the risk of misunderstandings, limiting the number of people in the pit lane and optimising the race strategy minute by minute.

Furthermore, RACE LUX silver can be used as an information panel, and can display any type of message and/or sponsor.

Finally, the practice hard bag with shoulder strap and pocket for all your accessories, simplifies transport from one track to another.


  • Watertight frame in anodised aluminium alloy measuring 77x87x4 (WxHxD cm)
  • Fixing hooks on both right and left compatible for all tracks
  • RS232 communication with PC less than 1 seconds
  • Standard 220V power supply with external power supply unit which reduces voltage to 5V for low voltage operation of the panel; maximum consumption 50W
  • Consists of three lines of high efficiency LEDs, each composed of 16x80 LEDs for a total of 3480 luminous LEDs which can be yellow amber with manual brightness
  • "NO GLARE" sistem for better visibility in case of rain or against the sun
  • Front panels in different colors to be identified among many
  • Maximum display per line of 10 characters, number or letters, 12cm high
  • 4, 6, 12 cm characters available with various widths
  • Entry of date, time and countdown
  • Weight 11.5 kg


  • USB to Serial converter
  • Fly case
  • Wireless communication
  • Personalisation of race team, driver, sponsor

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